Driving simulation


The Technical Center for Simulation of Renault is located at the Technocentre. It is equipped with 5 driving simulators : two are dynamic simulators, the others are static. The CARDS dynamic driving simulator was CE certified in June 1999, it is equipped with a motion platform with 6 electromechanical jacks which allow to reproduce the dynamic behavior of the vehicle. The visual field is 150° horizontal and 3 rear-views are simulated. A sound generation is also provided to complete the driving sensations, which must be as real as possible. The ULTIMATE higher performances driving simulator, with the same 6 axes as well as large XY motion actuators, was certified in 2003.


car simulator

The main use of the simulators are:
– Car light simulation
– Ergonomics : The simulator being used to evaluate man-machine interfaces associated with new on-board services (navigation system, on-board telematic systems, driver assistance systems, …), including AR (Augmented Reality) automotive systems. The benefit of a driving simulator for this kind of application lies in the control and the repetitiveness of the experimental conditions (traffic, weather conditions, events) and the safety of the tests.

Study on vehicle dynamics control systems, including ADAS (Automobile Driving Assistance Systems)
– Accidentology,
– Driver’s vigilance, including Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
– Confort studies.


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